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The Circus by PIXERS

Why we decided to get down to the circus? Above all, we were captivated by its workers – so unusual, colorful and absolutely mesmerizing people. We were inspired also by the works of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec who masterly showed the daily life of the dancers of the XIX-th century Paris. We decided to follow in his footsteps and take a look at the joys and sorrows of the circus life. We wanted to see how circus artists behave both in headlights and in private life. We mixed surrealism up with everyday life and served it with impressionist sauce.

Our collection will surely appeal to people who are not afraid to break conventions, also those decorative ones, and people who are looking for wall murals and stickers that will reflect their rebellious character and personality. If you also always look on the bright side of life and treat obstacles as challenges, be sure to take a look at all 63 photos that form the collection.

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