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Blackout Tattoos Are A Bold New Trend Popping Up Around The World


“Blackout” tattoos have recently gained attention online as an extreme way to cover up old tattoos. The technique requires an incredible amount of patience and dedication. The technique gained notice recently when artist Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo shop in Singapore posted a photo of an intense black out piece featuring a delicate, scalloped edge. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Eye-Popping “Roomscapes” with a Camera Obscura


Notice something strange about the wall mural in the above photograph? It’s upside down! That’s because it was created using a “camera obscura” — the favored technique of Cuban born artist Abelardo Morell, who has been experimenting with this approach since 1991.
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Eye-popping China Int’l Optics Fair

A woman presents a pair of “Shutter Shade” sunglasses at the 24th China International Optic Fair held in Beijing, Sept 14, 2011. Over 770 exhibitors from 23 countries took part in the fair. (Xinhua) Continue reading »