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16 Moms Who’re Proud Of Their Perfect Imperfections


Photographer Neely Coeur Fox has first-hand knowledge on just how difficult it can be for young mothers to perceive their new post-pregnancy bodies, which used to be impeccable not so long ago, but changed dramatically after childbirth. So, Neely decided to organize photoshoots that would help women to change the way they feel about themselves and to see their own special beauty — the beauty of motherhood.

She shared her hopes and goals for the project in a blog post. The response was amazing, as Neely received emails from about 30 women and 16 of them agreed to be photographed. Continue reading »

New York Artist Sculpts Sandcastles That Would Make M.C. Escher Proud


When it comes to sandcastle construction, most people focus on the basics — a motte, a bailey, maybe a keep and a moat. New York artist Calvin Seibert, on the other hand, has bigger ideas. Continue reading »

Cheap Food and Proud Waitresses

Swiss photographer Stephen Shaher traveled all over America, from coast to coast, and took pictures of things that he remembered most of all – cheap food and waitresses who served it.

White Spot Cafe
Trinidad, Colorado, October 1, 2004
Waiter: Carol
Order: steamed burrito with beef, tea, Diet Coke ($ 7.34)

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