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New York Artist Sculpts Sandcastles That Would Make M.C. Escher Proud


When it comes to sandcastle construction, most people focus on the basics — a motte, a bailey, maybe a keep and a moat. New York artist Calvin Seibert, on the other hand, has bigger ideas.


Inspired by the brutalist buildings of Marcel Breuer and the neofuturist designs of Eero Saarinen, Seibert creates impossible structures marked by sharp geometry and tessellated patterns. His striking sandcastles would be more at home in a survey of architectural feats than on the shores of an American beach.


Seibert forms his shapes by hand, using an assortment of rectangular plexi trowels he makes himself, packing and trimming until his designs take on their sharp edges. At 57 years old, he’s been working in the sand for five decades, he says, transitioning from the sand pile constructions of his childhood trips to Colorado to his adult artworks on the beaches of New York, Hawaii, California and Texas.

Via Huffington Post

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