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Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

Nothing says Halloween like a jack-o’-lantern, but these professional carvings will blow your neighborhood pumpkin out of the water. (Photo by Frank C. Grace/Courtesy Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular)
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Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Workshop

In time for Halloween the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, creative art studio, held the Cotton Candy Machine workshop in Brooklyn, N.Y., demonstrating techniques and tools to create intricate pumpkin art. Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, which focuses on elevating the art of pumpkin carving, were a past winner of the Food Network’s Halloween Wars. Their work has been displayed at MOMA, the Whitney Museum and Yankee Stadium. Founders Marc Evan and Chris Soria, friends since they were 12, have a history of trying to outdo each other on who can make something scarier for Halloween. The duo started carving pumpkins when they were studying illustration at the Parsons School of Design. After graduating in 2002, they started doing illustration and mural work in New York City, and worked part-time at restaurants and bars for extra income. They started carving pumpkins for their employers to use as Halloween decorations. Evans and Soria wanted to see how far they could push beyond the traditional style of pumpkin carving that had been dominant and onto a more artistic level.

A Tara Bonethrower pumpkin created by the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, N.Y. on October 18, 2014. (Photo by Siemond Chan/Yahoo Finance)
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Pumpkin Carver Chris Vierra Creates An Epic Lifelike Tyrannosaurus Rex

Charles Sykes/AP Photo/Invision for Field Station: Dinosaurs

Chris Vierra, renowned pumpkin carver from Villafane Studios, creates a lifelike Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture using pumpkins and squash at Field Station: Dinosaurs, a 20-acre outdoor Jurassic learning expedition and family tourist attraction in Secaucus, N.J. on Thursday, September 25, 2014. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Pumpkin Cat

A black cat strolls over a pile of pumpkins at a farm near Potsdam, eastern Germany. (Photo by Ralf Hirschberger/DPA)

The “Pumpkin House” of Slindon in West Sussex

Robin Upton, a Sussex farmer, has decided to celebrate the harvest season by erecting a 16 foot-tall “house” of pumpkins in memory of his late father, Ralph. He has created a rural scene of veggies in a wheelbarrow in the rolling English countryside. The “Pumpkin House” of Slindon in West Sussex is made from over 700 yellow squashes, green marrows and orange pumpkins. He called on the local community to donate enough squashes to carry on his father’s tradition of building a pumpkin house each year. (Andrew Hasson / Barcroft Media) Continue reading »

Pumpkin Fish

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