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The “Pumpkin House” of Slindon in West Sussex

Robin Upton, a Sussex farmer, has decided to celebrate the harvest season by erecting a 16 foot-tall “house” of pumpkins in memory of his late father, Ralph. He has created a rural scene of veggies in a wheelbarrow in the rolling English countryside. The “Pumpkin House” of Slindon in West Sussex is made from over 700 yellow squashes, green marrows and orange pumpkins. He called on the local community to donate enough squashes to carry on his father’s tradition of building a pumpkin house each year. (Andrew Hasson / Barcroft Media)

The Pumpkin House Display at Slindon. (Roger Pagram / Sussex Gallery)

Between late August and late November magnificent pumpkins can be purchased at the ‘Pumpkin House’, Top Road, Slindon. The business has an international reputation and their seasonal decorations are in demand among florists, wedding organisers and companies arranging corporate events. (Roger Pagram / Sussex Gallery)

View of pumpkin display from the road. (Roger Pagram)

Pumpkins and gourds for sale at Pumpkin House. (Roger Pagram)

Pumpkin House from road. (Roger Pagram)

Stevenson’s Rocket featured as theme of the year 2010 in gourds and pumpkins. (Roger Pagram)

Pumpkin display. (Roger Pagram)

Close up of pumkins. (Roger Pagram)

Extra large pumpkin. (Roger Pagram)

China pumpkin display. (Roger Pagram)

The large display the theme this year is the wheelbarrow. (Roger Pagram)

Looking at pumpkin display from a distance. (Roger Pagram)

Small section of the display. (Roger Pagram)

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