This Photographer Made Funny Noises At Animals And Captured Their Funny Expressions

Belinda Richards is a founder of Frog Dog Studios, photographer and master piddle cleaner. 18 years experience working with animals including working as a groomer, animal welfare and emergency services. Continue reading »

The Taser Photoshoot: Portraits Of People’s Faces When Hit With A Stun Gun


Be honest. How many of you have ever wanted to tase your significant other? Maybe they’ve annoyed you that day, you wanted to get a reaction out of them or perhaps they just downright deserved a few jolts of electricity for some reason or another. Continue reading »

Powerful Reactions from Cartoonists Around the World Honor the Victims of the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

The recent terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, has shocked the world. 11 people were injured and 12 killed, among them 4 respected cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo editorial offices. In order to pay their respects and honor the courage of the cartoonists and others who fought for the freedom of speech, many other cartoonists have created their own illustrations dedicated to the tragic event. Here are just a few of them. – Reuters.

He drew first. (Image credits: David Pope) Continue reading »