This Photographer Made Funny Noises At Animals And Captured Their Funny Expressions

Belinda Richards is a founder of Frog Dog Studios, photographer and master piddle cleaner. 18 years experience working with animals including working as a groomer, animal welfare and emergency services.

According to Belinda: “I spend my days speaking fluent dog. Well, sort of. I make funny noises and feed them peanut butter, and they give me weird looks that are so human it’s ridiculous.

My clients are of the four-legged variety. You see I’m an internationally awarded pet photographer and artist located in Melbourne, Australia. Most of the time dogs come to visit my studio but I welcome all animals; as long as they fit in the studio that is. Over the last 2 and a half years, I’ve turned over 500 pooches, kitties, bunnies, and ferrets into art. One thing I noticed is how each animal gives me such relatable expressions. Their reactions to the different noises I make or words I use are so unique to each individual, just like people.

I believe this is why we have such a strong connection to our furry friends and I decided it would make a hilarious, adorable series. I show that animals are human-like in my ongoing project titled ‘Dogs are the Best People’.”

More: Frog Dog Studios, Behance h/t: boredpanda

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