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Stunning Photos Of Ecstatic Teenagers Screaming At Pop Concerts In The 1960s And 1970s

August 21, 1964. The Beatles in Seattle

Were you there? Did you scream hysterially as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Osmonds, The Bay City Rollers, or one of the dreamy Davids – Dave Clarke, David Cassidy, David Essex and David Bowie – performed? Was that you being led away in a state of ecstatic hysteria out as Charlie Watts carried on regardless? Did you ‘Love Paul’?

If you or someone you know appears in any of this gallery, do let us know. Did you recover from the rock-induced rapture? Or does Dave or any surviving member of one of the ‘Thes’ make you gibber and wail? Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: With a Screaming Man Inside

In this image released by Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, doctors have spotted what looks like the face of a screaming man in an ultrasound of a testicular tumor. The startling image jumped out at them while scrolling through scans of a 45-year-old patient suffering from severe testicular pain. The picture went viral after it was published in the journal “Urology” and it’s been compared to sightings of the Virgin Mary on toast or grilled cheese sandwiches. (Queen’s University/The Canadian Press)