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An Artist Found This Branch Lying On The Side Of The Road, And Made It Into Shelves


Sebastian Errazuriz’s one-of-a-kind shelving unit called Bilbao proves that inspiration can come from simply stepping outside your front door. Created using a found tree branch, the artist retrieved the fallen limb from a Santiago street and took it back to his workshop. There, he twisted, turned, and readapted it, allowing the giant branch to hug a flat wall and live its new life as an unconventional shelf. Continue reading »


‘Shelves’ is a collection of wall mounted pieces in casted polyester resin. ‘Shelves’ are available as plain shelve and can be enriched by adding functional elements such as a vase , an adjustable lamp in ash wood, or a mirror.

‘Shelves’ are mounted to the wall by an aluminum profile incorporated into the polyester, creating an invisible bracket. ‘Shelves’ are available in 5 standard colors: soap green, pink, yellow, mulberry red and white and in sizes 20/35/40 x 20 x 6 cm. Other colors and sizes on request.

The object of this design was to create a piece of furniture that will easily blend into your interior to form a pleasant everyday encounter. Continue reading »