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An Artist Found This Branch Lying On The Side Of The Road, And Made It Into Shelves


Sebastian Errazuriz’s one-of-a-kind shelving unit called Bilbao proves that inspiration can come from simply stepping outside your front door. Created using a found tree branch, the artist retrieved the fallen limb from a Santiago street and took it back to his workshop. There, he twisted, turned, and readapted it, allowing the giant branch to hug a flat wall and live its new life as an unconventional shelf.

h/t: contemporist, mymodernmet


The natural shape of the tree dictated a majority of Errazuriz’s design choices, but he did take a few liberties with its appearance. He sanded down any rough edges and lacquered over the wood in a black finish with a matte sheen. The form itself is very organic, but with these simple additions, it now looks modern and polished—a striking statement piece for any room.


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