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Before-And-After Pics Illustrate How Products Turn Into Waste That Pollutes The Environment

At the beginning there are ads that display beautiful products, so people buy them. But there is also a dark side. Trash that is left behind it. Members of the eco-project Ekoista (based in Slovakia) decided to clean their forest from that trash and here is what they’ve found. Continue reading »

Photographer From Slovakia Took Portraits Of Dogs And They Are Beautiful

According to photographer Nicol Urbanova: “I am 20 year old photographer coming from the Košice, Slovakia. We have been photographing four years, but my passion has become a photo shoot dogs that are particularly attentive since November 2014. My first photo was a tiny dog that I met on a walk (black and white photo above) From that moment on I was determined that the photograph dogs is what I want to photograph.” Continue reading »

A 18 Years Old Girl From Slovakia Creates These Beautiful Photos


Young and talented photographer from Slovakia, Paula Kentošová, is taking photos for 5 years. Paula’s portraits are eye-catching, but she doesn’t just take photos of people – sometimes, she must takes photos of architecture, nature or products because she is studying on School of Applied Arts. Continue reading »