This Paint-Splattered Clothing Is Actually Incredible Embroidery


Art and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Sometimes it’s the artist that makes the clothes; other times it’s the clothes that make the artist. Think of Andy Warhol’s iconic turtleneck, or Dior turning spray artworks by Sterling Ruby into gowns. Continue reading »

Protesters Splattered in Fake Blood Decry Spanish Bull Run

An activist wears bull horns during a protest against bull runs beside the bull ring a few days ahead to beginning the famous San Fermin Fiestas, in Pamplona northern Spain, Saturday, July 4, 2015. On July 6, the San Fermin festival will begin with the “txupinazo”, the opening ceremony with people participating in bull runs, music and dance, through the old street of the city. (Photo by Alvaro Barrientos/AP Photo)
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Explosive Splattered Ink Animal Murals by Hua Tunan

The creatures depicted in Chinese artist Hua Tunan‘s ink paintings seem moments away from escaping the canvas. Each piece seems to pulse with energy, driven by Tunan’s frenetic painting style that borrows from traditional Chinese ink art and Western-style graffiti. The artist also works on much larger canvases with broad strokes of dripping spray paint on urban murals that have popped up around the world over the last few years. Continue reading »