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This Paint-Splattered Clothing Is Actually Incredible Embroidery


Art and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Sometimes it’s the artist that makes the clothes; other times it’s the clothes that make the artist. Think of Andy Warhol’s iconic turtleneck, or Dior turning spray artworks by Sterling Ruby into gowns.

h/t: visualnews


But the new collection by Russian designer Olya Glagoleva’s brand GO is mixing up art and fashion like we haven’t seen before—taking the clothes back to the artist’s studio. A collaboration with Russian artist Lisa Smirnova, the “Artist at Home” collection draws inspiration from the workwear of painters and other artists, reimagining garments in the most beautiful way.


“The collection tells the story of a painter whose studio and her home is a single space, where both home and work clothing mix together. The story of the creative process will captivate you and transport you to the artist’s parallel reality. Every garment is made only once, each decorated with hand embroidery in the unique style of Lisa Smirnova,” the creators say.


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