Stephanie Kilgast Creates A Miniature Food Sculptures That Are Adorably Realistic

Artist Stephanie Kilgast, who also goes by Petit Plat, loves her fruits and veggies. In fact, she loves them so much that she challenged herself to make a tiny model of one fruit, vegetable, or root every day for a year. She catalogues these creations on Tumblr. Continue reading »

Make-up Artist Stephanie Fernandez


Make-up artist Stephanie Fernandez loves nothing more than turning models into zombies with spine-chilling artwork. The 18-year-old Louisiana girl’s torturous designs amaze fans of incredible zombie make-up.
Continue reading »

Experimental Jewelry by Stephanie Simek

Awesome! They are mainly made with non-traditional materials such
as egg shells, botanicals, hair, sea life. Continue reading »