Stephanie Kilgast Creates A Miniature Food Sculptures That Are Adorably Realistic

Artist Stephanie Kilgast, who also goes by Petit Plat, loves her fruits and veggies. In fact, she loves them so much that she challenged herself to make a tiny model of one fruit, vegetable, or root every day for a year. She catalogues these creations on Tumblr.

Everyone can appreciate a great piece of art and a healthy snack. Combine the two, and you’re in for a real treat.

Each sculpture is crafted from polymer clay, and Kilgast painstakingly molds every detail to make her creations look as realistic as possible.

ou might not be able to think of 200 different types of fruits and vegetables off the top of your head, but that was all part of the challenge for Kilgast.

On her Tumblr, she not only showcases the snacks, but also labels and describes them to inspire viewers to try something new. This collection is both artistic and educational!

Have a look at all these wonderful sculptures on Tumblr. You can also check out Kilgast’s other work, including her polymer jewelry, on her website, and see some behind-the-scenes action on her blog.

Still can’t get enough? Keep up with her latest creations on Facebook and Instagram.

Via Viralnova, DesignTaxi

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