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Guerrilla Crocheting Adds A Splash Of Color To The Streets of Stockholm


Julia Riordan is a creator/street-artist who discovered her passion for crochet and knitting at the age of 10. Since that time she has continually explored the field of knitwear, enjoyed seeing it become her passion, and now the real thing. In 2012 Julia launched her own knitwear label, Julia Rio, specializing in unique, colorful beanies. Continue reading »

Tales From The Thousand Lakes: Stockholm’s Colourful Metro Stations

Beneath the Swedish capital lies an intricate web of underground train lines. More than 90 of the 100 stations in the 110km tunnel system, sometimes referred to as “the world’s longest art gallery”, have been decorated with paintings, installations, mosaics and sculptures by 150 artists since the 1950s. After spending a couple of weeks exploring arctic Norway and Sweden, London-based travel photographer Conor MacNeill headed underground to capture images of the metro stations.

Painted blue vines climbing up a white cave in the T-Centralen station. (Photo by Conor MacNeill/The Observer) Continue reading »

Vittra Telefonplan School in Stockholm

In connection with the establishment of a new Vittra school in Stockholm, Telefonplan, Rosan Bosch has created the school’s interior with spatial divisions and significant custom design. The interior takes it point of departure in Vittra’s pedagogical principles and serves as a pedagogical tool for development in the everyday of the school. Instead of classical divisions with chairs and tables, a giant iceberg for example serves as cinema, platform and room for relaxation, and sets the frame for many different types of learning. Continue reading »

Stockholm Red Bull Soapbox Race: Limos, Jets and Boats Careen Through the Streets

The streets of Stockholm, Sweden saw more crashes than usual over the weekend, as a variety of unusual vehicles met their untimely demise. But it was all in fun, as competitors raced their homemade, freestyle designed non-motorized vehicles down a slope in the Soedermalm area of the city in the Stockholm Red Bull Soapbox Race.

Team “Sveriges Laengsta” crashes its homemade vehicle during the Stockholm Red Bull Soapbox race. (Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images) Continue reading »