Guerrilla Crocheting Adds A Splash Of Color To The Streets of Stockholm


Julia Riordan is a creator/street-artist who discovered her passion for crochet and knitting at the age of 10. Since that time she has continually explored the field of knitwear, enjoyed seeing it become her passion, and now the real thing. In 2012 Julia launched her own knitwear label, Julia Rio, specializing in unique, colorful beanies.

h/t: twistedsifter. colossal


Throughout this time Julia has always been a big admirer of street art. After completing her first yarnbomb in the streets of London in 2013 while studying at the London College of Fashion, her adrenaline and creativity sought out more of this type of expression. Julia is now living in Stockholm and continues to explore her love of knitted art by covering fences, trees and public spaces with yarn.


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