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Stuning Photos Of A Children’s Military Boarding School In The Ukraine

In this series, Israeli photographer Michal Chelbin tells the darkyl poetic tale of kids growing up in a Ukrainian military boarding school. The photos are quiet and eerily beautiful, revealing a reality of heightened gender roles and curriculum fashioned “in the service of forming a new governing military elite.” Continue reading »

Stuning Entries For The 2018 Nat Geo Travel Photographer Of The Year Contest

“Coordillera”. “After this shot, I have been traveling the same route several times. I could not see the landscape I saw when I shot this picture again. That morning the light and shadows over the coordillera were just perfect. The moment I had to shoot this series will remain in my memory as a special gift from nature”. (Photo by Karsten Hoenack/National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest) Continue reading »

“Storm Of Steel”: Stuning Design Of Body Armor In The First World War, 1914-1918

During the First World War, the size and scale of some of the weaponry produced devastating wounds and losses on soldiers. In order to provide some protection to the men in the front lines, armies explored the possibility of providing them with different types of armor. Continue reading »