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The Penguin Semi Submersible Boat

A compact semi submersible for leisure activities called a ‘Penguin’ is launched near Ulsan in South Korea. The Penguin makes it easier to explore underwater without any diving equipment while concurrently functioning as a boat. (EPA/YONHAP)

Chinese Submersible ‘Jiaolong’ Dives to 22 851ft in The Mariana Trench

Jiaolong, 蛟龙, in Chinese folklore, is a shape-shifting water dragon. The Chinese government has been quietly testing a new submersible, named Jiaolong, designed to dive to 22 965ft (7,000 meters). It was the second dive for the vehicle, with another four scheduled to achieve the country’s first 7,000-metre dive. Xu Qinan, the submersible’s chief designer, told China Daily that it was still undecided whether the craft would try for 7,000 metres in the third dive. Continue reading »

Police Find Semi-Submersible Watercraft Intended for Cocaine Smuggling in Colombia

Police officers walk next to a seized homemade fiberglass semi-submersible during a presentation to the press in Puerto Escondido, Colombia, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011. According to police, the semi-submersible was seized from drug traffickers during an operation in Puerto Escondido Monday. (William Fernando Martinez / AP) Continue reading »