Tales From The Thousand Lakes: Stockholm’s Colourful Metro Stations

Beneath the Swedish capital lies an intricate web of underground train lines. More than 90 of the 100 stations in the 110km tunnel system, sometimes referred to as “the world’s longest art gallery”, have been decorated with paintings, installations, mosaics and sculptures by 150 artists since the 1950s. After spending a couple of weeks exploring arctic Norway and Sweden, London-based travel photographer Conor MacNeill headed underground to capture images of the metro stations.

Painted blue vines climbing up a white cave in the T-Centralen station. (Photo by Conor MacNeill/The Observer) Continue reading »

One Thousand Ksoids

The ‘One Thousand Ksoids‘ project is an experiment in procedural generation of huge amount unique characters based on relatively small amount of creation rules. Created by Danil Krivoruchko with ICE in Autodesk Softimage.

Photo of the Day: Fifty Thousand Candles

Fifty thousand candles were lit in Praca do Comercio, Lisbon’s downtown square, as part of an attempt by the non-governmental organization Terra dos Sonhos (Land of Dreams) to achieve a Guinness World Record. The candles were sold at 1 euro each ($1.30) to raise funds for realizing the dreams of children suffering from long and terminal illnesses. (Hugo Correia/Reuters) Click image to zoom.

A Man of a Thousand Faces

What is this? Answer. Continue reading »