Dutch Artist Dre Wapenaar Creates Unique Tear-Drop Tent Stays In Borgloon, Belgium


Rather than take a summer holiday abroad during the coronavirus pandemic, some Belgians are trying a novel camping experience at home, spending a night in a tear drop-shaped tent hanging from a tree. Continue reading »

“Backstage Disillusion”: The Incredible In-Game Photo Artworks By Petri Levälahti

Generation Zero

Petri Levälahti aka Berduu works at EA DICE in Stockholm. He’s also an accomplished game photographer: his flickr stream is a visual triumph (“video game tourism, snapping shots as mementos”, he said). Like Duncan Harris, Berduu pursues an aestheticized digital photorealism that recalls Jean Baudrillard’s notion of iper-reality using camera hacks and mods developed by other modders, including Finnish maestro Matti Hietanen and Dutch wunderkind Frans Bouma. Continue reading »

Tokyo Makes Godzilla Tourism Ambassador

A real-scale head of Godzilla is displayed at the balcony of the newly-built commercial complex as a new Tokyo landmark during its unveiling at Kabukicho shopping and amusement district in Tokyo April 9, 2015. The skyscraper complex includes a hotel, movie theatres and restaurants will be open this month in the central Tokyo. (Photo by Issei Kato/Reuters) Continue reading »

World Cup Spikes Amazon Tribal Tourism

A tourist dances with members of the Amazonian Tatuyo tribe in their village in the Rio Negro (Black River) near Manaus city, a World Cup host city, June 23, 2014. Because of their proximity to host city Manaus and their warm welcome, the Tatuyo have enjoyed three weeks of brisk business thanks to the World Cup. Usually, they host between 10 and 30 tourists a day. During the World Cup, this number has rocketed to 250 a day, They have become richer and other communities now come to them to sell them juices and fishes. (Photo by Andres Stapff/Reuters)
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