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Stunning Vintage Photographs of San Francisco’s Sky Tram, 1955-1961


From late 1955 to 1966, an aerial tram ran from the Cliff House to Point Lobos.

The Sky Tram opened on May 3, 1955. Up to 25 passengers, paying a quarter each, had a slow ride from just below the Cliff House across the Sutro Baths basin to a Point Lobos promontory that had been outfitted with a two manmade waterfalls. This was not a roller-coaster, but a very slow sight-seeing glide on a couple of steel cables a few hundred feet above the ground. The whole trip took four minutes and you had to walk back.



Fog, wind, and perhaps general boredom shut down the Sky Tram in May 1966. For many years the former Cliff House Sky Tram “station” served as a Golden Gate National Recreation Area visitor’s center. That building was torn down during the 2000 renovation of the Cliff House.


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