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These Amazing Wood Sculptures Look Like There Are Figures Trapped Inside

“Inner Turmoil”
The work “Inner Turmoil” use the figure of a person who is stretch himself and resists restrict of gravity, which forms the contrast. The body and carved space give people a complex sense. Owing to the space, we can explore a state of inner mind that is upset. When a positive idea and a negative idea are formed at the same time, people will feel there is a strong strength affects them.

Taiwanese artist Tung Ming-Chin plays with themes of inner emotions and the subconscious mind through his masterful woodwork projects. In his works, the artist depicts objects and figures attempting to break-free, trapped by the wood he has carved them into, to manifest the idea of a psychological prison. Continue reading »

Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish Captured In A One In A Million Shot


A fish swims into a jellyfish. It sounds like the start of a joke, but believe it or not, a fish actually did swim into a jellyfish. Take a look at these pictures to see this bizarre and oddly beautiful spectacle for yourself. Continue reading »

Trapped Batman

‘Trapped Batman’ by Simon Monk, is a series of six paintings, each depicting a plastic Batman model imprisoned by a succession of everyday items such as parcel tape, string and polythene. Do these scenarios represent a great hero held at bay by gigantic paraphernalia, the playtime set-ups of a kid enamoured of super-villains or the inventions of a bored fanboy office worker playing with his stationery supplies and his desk mascot? Whichever of these instances rings true, if any, it is clear that these paintings, like Simon Monk’s previous work, represent the absurd meeting of two worlds: the fantastic and the banal. Continue reading »

Trapped Raccoons Saved from a Waste Container

A guy saw a family of raccoons that couldn’t get out of the trash container… Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: The Trapped Squirrel

A squirrel is trapped in a manhole cover in Isenhagen, Germany. After they were called by neighbors, police managed to free the animal by using olive oil. (Police Hanover)