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Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish Captured In A One In A Million Shot


A fish swims into a jellyfish. It sounds like the start of a joke, but believe it or not, a fish actually did swim into a jellyfish. Take a look at these pictures to see this bizarre and oddly beautiful spectacle for yourself.

h/t: boredpanda


The picture was taken by Australian photographer Tim Samuel, who uploaded the snap to his Instagram account last December. Tim saw the flummoxed fish while out free diving in Byron Bay with a friend. Nobody quite knows how it managed to get in there (alcohol may have been involved) but despite its obvious disadvantage, the fish was still able to control the movements of the equally hapless jellyfish.


Unsurprisingly, Sam says he’s never seen anything quite like this during his five years as a photographer. And neither have we. But we have now. And we still can’t get our heads around it.

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