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Couple Travel To Iceland With A Full Crew For Pre-Wedding Shoot Atop Volcanic Rocks And Glaciers

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

When it comes to their wedding, couples want to make sure that it is captured in the best way possible. But Cici and Clement, a ‘jet-set power couple’ from Canada, decided to start early and travel to Iceland to capture their love in an epic engagement video and photoshoot. Working with Life Studios Inc, a boutique Cinematography and Photography Studio based in Sydney and Vancouver, the couple were given a team of two cinematographers and two photographers. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: The Volcanic River in Iceland

Though these pictures might look like beautiful abstract paintings, they are actually photos of volcanic rivers in Iceland taken by Russian photographer Andrey Ermolaev. Flying over Iceland’s active volcano systems, Ermolaev captures the swirling colours, patterns and textures of the volcanic rivers below as they flow through the black sand and eventually find their way to the ocean. Ermolaev calls Iceland “wonderful… a true paradise for all the photo shooting-lovers”. (Photo by Andrey Ermolaev/Solent)