Couple Travel To Iceland With A Full Crew For Pre-Wedding Shoot Atop Volcanic Rocks And Glaciers

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

When it comes to their wedding, couples want to make sure that it is captured in the best way possible. But Cici and Clement, a ‘jet-set power couple’ from Canada, decided to start early and travel to Iceland to capture their love in an epic engagement video and photoshoot. Working with Life Studios Inc, a boutique Cinematography and Photography Studio based in Sydney and Vancouver, the couple were given a team of two cinematographers and two photographers.

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Photo © by Life Studios Inc

After discussing with the couple what they were hoping to achieve, the Life Studios team were mesmerised by the beautiful glacier caves of Iceland and decided to take the plunge and travel across the ocean. There they met with an experienced tour guide who gave them access to some of the most incredible structures and landscapes they had ever seen. The couple-to-be were there for one week – their crew inspired by the notion of ‘capturing young love and extraordinary luxury in the most unlikely of locales: the Far North.’

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

The team described the stunning arctic location as being made up of ‘dreamy moonscapes and glacier caves’ and hoped to demonstrate that ‘fashion can be all the more striking when set in the context of a world that is otherwise unforgiving.’ Upon their arrival they spent time hunting for the perfect glacier cave – the cave in the video an entirely new one that is the only one of its kind known to exist at the moment. The piercing blue cave provided the perfect backdrop to what became one of their most unique and intimate shoots yet.

Photos © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

Photo © by Life Studios Inc

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