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Travel Company Launches Mile-Low Club with Romantic Submarine Voyage

U.K.-based Oliver’s Travels recently announced the latest in aquatic luxury, launched just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This romantic submarine package, using speciality adapted submarines aptly named Lovers Deep, will send couples into secluded isolation below the sea and caters to every romantic whim, according to The Daily Mail.

Passengers can enjoy stunning marine views while cuddling down below, and they can feast on a unique, aphrodisiac tasting menu with dishes like oysters, caviar and a chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate. There is even a petal-scattering service and a champagne breakfast in bed. Continue reading »

“Estuaire” and “Le voyage a Nantes” Art Events

People walk along a beach in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, western France, next to the Chinese Huang Yong Ping’s work, “Serpent d’ocean” (Ocean snake), one of the nine works of the art event “Estuaire” (estuary of the Loire river). “Estuaire” and “Le voyage a Nantes” (A journey to Nantes), two contemporary art events, the first along the estuary, the second in forty stages which runs along 8.5 km in Nantes’ streets, take place from June 15 to August 19. Continue reading »

Plastic Bottle Boat Makes Maiden Voyage

Four students carry a special boat named “Simida” made of 1,504 empty plastic beverage bottles to a lake for its maiden voyage at Chongqing University of Science and Technology in Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, Sept 14, 2011. It took the four students two months to make the boat which is 4.48 meters by 1.3 meters and weighs 58.2 kilograms. The maiden voyage lasted about 20 minutes with plenty of students witnessing the occasion. Tang Ming, one of the four students, said they made the boat with an aim to promote the concept of environmental conservation. (Photo/CFP) Continue reading »