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“Estuaire” and “Le voyage a Nantes” Art Events

People walk along a beach in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, western France, next to the Chinese Huang Yong Ping’s work, “Serpent d’ocean” (Ocean snake), one of the nine works of the art event “Estuaire” (estuary of the Loire river). “Estuaire” and “Le voyage a Nantes” (A journey to Nantes), two contemporary art events, the first along the estuary, the second in forty stages which runs along 8.5 km in Nantes’ streets, take place from June 15 to August 19.

A work by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm: “Le bateau mou” (Misconceivable).

A work by US artist Sarah Sze: “The Settlers.

A man takes pictures of “La maison dans la Loire” (The house in the Loire river) by French artist Jean-Luc Courcoult.

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