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Leandro Erlich Creates a House of Mirrors

People appear dangling as a large-scale installation art piece by Leandro Erlich, named “Dalston House”, in London, England. Part of the “Beyond Barbican” summer series of events, the interactive installation is a full facade of a late nineteenth-century Victorian terraced house built on the ground with a large mirror above it to reflect people as to appear dangling from the structure. (Photo by Dan Dennison)

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Artist Spray Paints Floors Of Abanoned Buildings With Colorful Tile Patterns

Javier de Riba, an artist based in Barcelona, creates fascinating works of street art that make it seem as though the empty buildings he explores are paved with beautiful tile floors. Instead of actually tiling them, however, he simply paints on them with stencils and spray paint.

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CasAnus Hotel In Belgium

Hotel CasAnus has all the elements of a great weekend getaway. It’s just shaped like a giant human colon. On a small island, nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium, this quaint structure is designed like a humongous intestinal tract, complete with an anus replica.

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113 Potatoes, 117 Bananas, And Other Foods The Artist Ate Over 365 Days Turned Into Sculptures

Meet Itamar Gilboa, the Israeli born artist, who now lives in the inspirational city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he moved from his home country to study art. His studio is filled with his lifetime work. And what about his latest project? Mr. Gilboa decided to recreate the exact amount of food he ate during the past 365 days.

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Colorful Socks From Ukraine

Sammy Icon is an independent accessory brand for those who take life as a real adventure. We produce great accessories that create the base of your style. And we make them well.

The world smiles to those who wears Sammy Icon, the sun shines brighter, agreements are clinched better and solutions are always right. People around you want to follow and always ask “Where can I buy those socks?”. And you just go along to adventures and victories, to the brand new day to create the new history. Finally, you get the energy to change the world.

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Incredible Digital Projection By Joanie Lemercier

BLUEPRINT is the last digital Audiovisual installation made by Joanie Lemercier for STRP Biennale 2015 in Eindhoven (NL)

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Amazing Ball Pen Drawings By Johann Lester

Johann grew up in Greenwich, London and went to Brighton University reading visual culture but left education after the first year. He always drew with a biro, scribbling away obsessively in the corners & margins of his books. While working in a café he did his first big piece for his mother’s birthday, and then his obsession really took hold.

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Vles – Interactive Light Installation

Installation offers the viewer to feel the atmosphere of the mystical forest and meet its inhabitants, by moving the light beam through the panoramic visual surface. The installation was placed in the center of contemporary art M’Ars, within interactive exhibition LifeZone (Moscow, May-June 2015).

Literary Graffiti Around The World

Street art comes in many forms. These are the best examples of author and book themed graffiti, from around the world.

Kafka Street Art – Kafka-esque

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Great Masters Having Great Times

“I am a Brazilian artist who lives in one of the craziest cities in the world! Living in Sao Paulo is like being trapped in one of Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings !First I got a book on him and cut out characters and images from his paintings, then I decided ”to take bosch for a walk” around town and place those characters in surreal scenes…which is quite easy to find around Sao Paulo. While doing that many more masters came to my mind… Van Gogh, Matisse, Basquiat and so on!

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Handcrafted Fantasy Books By Aniko Kolesnikova

Latvian designer and artist Aniko Kolesnikova, working under the name Mandarin Duck, creates fantastic hand made book covers using polymer clay.

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Artist Transformes Famous Paintings Into Batman Pop Art

According to Vartan Garnikyan: “I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m a big Batman fan. Though the “Starry Knight” has been going viral for all year, I’ve had some negative feedback over the years with people saying things like, “This isn’t art, you’re disgracing a masterpiece, etc.” as if I’m doing it to insult the artists. But truth be told, I see it as paying homage to them. I try to paint a new classic Batman piece every year, and each project is well thought-out, planned for a long time, and worked on for months!”

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Hong Kong’s McDonalds Becomes A Home For The Homeless At Night

According to Suraj Katra: “After visiting one of the McDonald’s restaurants at 2am in Hong Kong’s Sai Ying Pun district to grab a quick bite, I witnessed a number of people sleeping there. The staff then started making rounds to wake these people up but they continued to sleep.”

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Photographer Captured His Border Collie Playing In The Water

Rod Scott, a pet photographer from Australia, captured his border collie playing in the water on hot and shiny day.

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Snap: Design Your Own Furniture

Our lives are continuously and rapidly changing. Today few things last forever. However, this shouldn’t be the case for your furniture. You can now enjoy your furniture for life without the need of buying and throwing away over and over again.

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