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Photo of the Day: Midday Summer Fever

People cool off at Sant Sebastia beach in Barceloneta neighbourhood in Barcelona, Spain, August 16, 2015. Spanish consumer prices rose slightly in July from a year earlier, the second increase in a row as the economy strengthened and retailers and hotels hiked their charges.

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How Do Perceptions Of Beauty Vary Across The Globe?

According to website Online Superdrug Doctor: “From that simple question, the idea for this study was born. We asked female graphic designers from around the world to Photoshop a female form by making her, in their opinion, more attractive to other citizens of their country. Widely held perceptions of beauty and perfection can have a deep and lasting cultural impact on both women and men. The goal of this project is to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty and to see how such pressures vary around the world.

The resulting submissions are intriguing.”

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Miniature Books Collection Of Jozsef Tari

Jozsef Tari has been collecting miniature books since 1972, and is now the proud owner of over 4,500 literary works, including the world’s smallest book (2.9 x 3.2 mm). A printer by trade, Tari has always been fascinated by the written word, and in 1972 he began collecting miniature books.

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The World’s Best Press Photos Of The Week You Shouldn’t Miss

Revelers throw colored powders in the air during the Monsoon Holi Festival, in Madrid, Spain, Saturday, August 8, 2015. The festival, which is mainly celebrated during the Hindu spring festival Holi in some regions of India and Nepal, has become popular among people in other communities. (Photo by Francisco Seco/AP Photo)

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Ephemeral Lighting Installation By (Fos)

(fos) is the name of the first ephemeral installation by the multidisciplinary team (fos).

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Sensual Paintings Created With Liquid Resin By Jessica Dunegan

Dressed in a torn sleeveless t-shirt, sweatpants, and an ominous looking gas mask, the talented mind of Jessica Dunegan swirls with creative ideas for turn flat pictures into surreal pieces of art with depth, texture, and shine.

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Sharon Stone Goes Nude For Harper’s Bazaar

Sharon Stone bares her soul – and body – in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. At 57, the Basic Instinct star looks incredible, going nude in a series of tasteful black and white photos by photographer Mark Abrahams.

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Photo of the Day: Lucky Catch

A wood stork runs away with a catfish, given by Bob Frye, as Frye, who was fishing in Tuscawilla Lake, puts bait on his hook at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala, Fla., Thursday, August 13, 2015.

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Welcome To Snake Cafe In Tokyo

A snake is seen at the Tokyo Snake Center, a snake cafe, in Tokyo’s Harajuku shopping district August 14, 2015. The cafe has on display 35 non-venomous snakes of 20 different breeds. Open six days a week, the cafe allows customers to enjoy food and beverages while watching a small snake slither around in a cage on their table for a 1,000 yen (8.04 dollars). By paying an additional fee, customers get to hold and pet the snake. (Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters)

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Beautifult Photorealistic Drawings By Heather Rooney

A 21-year-old, college student Heather Rooney is making quite the name for herself online with her hyperrealist sketches. Her favourite subjects are the well-known faces of today’s celebrities.

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Sensual Shadow Photography By Sølve Sundsbø

Sølve Sundsbø is a Norwegian photographer who lives in London. His career began when four months into a course at the London College of Printing he became Nick Knight’s assistant.

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Beautiful World By Artem Rhads Chebokha

Russian illustrator from South West of Siberia Rhads (Artem Chebokha) creates surreal digital paintings that have a peaceful yet grandiose feel to them.

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Hundreds Streak Around London Zoo To Support Tigers

Photo: AP Photo / Alastair Grant

Around 200 people have streaked through London Zoo to help raise money to protect tigers.

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Over 90 Million Plastic Balls To Protect The City Of Los Angeles

Over 90 million plastic balls cover the Los Angeles Reservoir in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles Wednesday, August 12, 2015. The city has completed a program of covering open-air reservoirs with floating “shade balls” to protect water quality. Photos by Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo

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Photo of the Day: On The Edge

High-wire daredevil Nik Wallenda walks a tightrope above the Milwaukee Mile Speedway at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wis. Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

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