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The Meowfia: Funniest AI-generated Images Of The Cat Street Gangs

Cat Street Gangs1

These mafia cats live unique lives on the streets, dealing in anything from catnip to pigeon combat.

We have a peek at an other universe where vicious cat street gangs rule major American cities, thanks to the powerful powers of artificial intelligence. The Napping Nuisances, The Yarn Bandits, The Tuna Terrors, The Litter-ary Gang, The Naptime Ninjas, and, of course, The Meowfia are some suggestions for cat gang names.

h/t: sadanduseless

Cat Street Gangs2
Cat Street Gangs3
Cat Street Gangs4
Cat Street Gangs6
Cat Street Gangs7
Cat Street Gangs8
Cat Street Gangs9
Cat Street Gangs10
Cat Street Gangs11
Cat Street Gangs12
Cat Street Gangs13
Cat Street Gangs14
Cat Street Gangs15
Cat Street Gangs16
Cat Street Gangs17
Cat Street Gangs18
Cat Street Gangs19
Cat Street Gangs20
Cat Street Gangs21
Cat Street Gangs22
Cat Street Gangs5

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