This Graphic Designer’s AI Alterations of Simpsons Characters Are Making Waves on Social Media – Design You Trust

This Graphic Designer’s AI Alterations of Simpsons Characters Are Making Waves on Social Media


Allow us to introduce you to @Princess_Prompt, a talented fine art photographer and graphic designer hailing from Belgium. Their most recent project has been generating quite a buzz across social media platforms, and we couldn’t resist sharing these mesmerizing creations with you!

With the formidable tools of Midjourney V6 and the enchantment of at their disposal, @Princess_Prompt has embarked on a remarkable journey. They have transformed beloved characters such as Moe Szyslak, Milhouse van Houten, Bart Simpson, and Ned Flanders into captivating new personas. Their goal? To envision what a live-action adaptation of The Simpsons might have looked like in the 1980s, the decade of the show’s inception.

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Princess Prompt 416383736 738863324795071 5196490627273310908 N
Princess Prompt 416423270 918336842813176 7559972055290016549 N
Princess Prompt 416444580 610710197847636 7431007080085128854 N
Princess Prompt 416480076 727592802359662 9180642741648236117 N
Princess Prompt 416481795 332700203056453 1259160544761928536 N
Princess Prompt 416528989 2110409682637180 1767935108474585885 N
Princess Prompt 416540704 393257506503029 1473620096997408859 N
Princess Prompt 416540859 667477638933727 3406856388112348516 N
Princess Prompt 416575149 1325622601470453 5787080202034146731 N
Princess Prompt 416605363 357860866961853 9085350185603060094 N
Princess Prompt 416659800 898071025341984 8165946272452671295 N
Princess Prompt 416663477 378975804630112 3822359113945436367 N
Princess Prompt 416670745 273669165715267 9210904210318505571 N
Princess Prompt 416866910 1825042204607309 988006745849471675 N
Princess Prompt 416867609 696975025878301 5290866098413319548 N
Princess Prompt 416873942 1426402478226773 8297188872720920831 N
Princess Prompt 416897752 3467701550206801 8449119225040913041 N
Princess Prompt 416915833 1095209384946291 9157426856003944441 N
Princess Prompt 416950364 879226263796014 8814495951624561325 N
Princess Prompt 417134090 395639232916769 4934537775668324150 N
Princess Prompt 417163343 400590519032192 4008102947129557414 N
Princess Prompt 417238697 245759368550684 7373186565130821207 N
Princess Prompt 417425705 906231567531088 6759700758482985860 N
Princess Prompt 417445221 1087959932343532 3262191683138704523 N
Princess Prompt 417513557 1027220581900924 1228466023435618009 N
Princess Prompt 417717534 1107587916906623 106292124366329760 N
Princess Prompt 417796011 920844856330919 4700928241648636823 N

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