Fashion Photography by Magnus Reed

Magnus Reed
Ever since he first achieved his breakthrough in the early 1990s, Magnus Reed, born in 1965, has been one of Sweden’s leading photographers, known both for his fashion reportage and portraits as well as for his advertising images and commercials.

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Lifestyle Photography by Cathrine Wessel

Cathrine Wessel
Photographer Cathrine Wessel, originally from Norway, has been living and working in New York since the late 80’s. Inspired by her many nights at the legendary CBGB’s, Cathrine started photographing and documenting the music industry.

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Glamour Photography by Jean Pierrot

Jean Pierrot
Jean Pierrot is a talented photographer and artist currently based in Venice, Italy. Jean is only 20 years old, he shoots a lot of fashion and lifestyle photography.

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Photo of the Day: Emotions

Serbia’s team members celebrate their win over France after the EuroBasket Women 2015 final basketball match between Serbia and France in Budapest on June 28, 2015. Serbia won the match 76-68. (Photo by Ferenc Isza/AFP Photo)

Project 365 by Caesar Lima

Award-winning Los Angeles-based advertising beauty and fashion photographer Caesar Lima has started his biggest project ever.

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Alone by Mikko Lagerstedt

Alone by Mikko Lagerstedt
Mikko Lagerstedt is a talented self taught fine art photographer from Finland. He loves to capture night, and atmospheric photography and Mikko enjoy capturing simplistic landscapes. Enjoy also his night landscapes.

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La Defense, Paris Fractals by Carsten Witte

La Defense, Paris Fractals by Carsten Witte
Carsten Witte, born in 1964, is the venerable priest of beauty. Already as a little boy of three he slack-jadedly gazed after beauties that where passing by when he was walking at his mother’s hand.

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Lily Donaldson by Hans Feurer

Lily Donaldson by Hans Feurer
Beauty British model Lily Donaldson photographed by Hans Feurer and styled by Yasmine Sterea for Vogue Brasil July 2015.

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Long Exposure Photos Of Glowworms Turn New Zealand Cave Into Starry Night

This surreal long-exposure photography of glowworms was captured by new-media artist Joseph Michael. The Auckland, New Zealand-based photographer took these pictures in 30 million-year-old limestone cave formations on North Island.

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Minimalist Instagrams by Adrien Leyronas

Adrien Leyronas
Adrien Leyronas is a talented French photographer and artist, who shoots a lot of colorful and minimalist photographs from his imaginary world.

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Fashion Photography by David Ferrua

David Ferrua2
David Ferrua lived in New York for a period of 8 years where he worked for some of the most prestigious clients including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Rochas, Estee Lauder (see below).

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Two Girls Revisit Famous Film Locations

A couple of roving film fangirls have recreated some of their favorite TV and movie moments by traveling to the exact locations and capturing them using their iPad. Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden have travelled thousands of miles across North America and Ireland to recapture the magic of their best loved scenes. However, instead of featuring their movie heroes, the pair, from Cardiff, have replaced them with an iPad or a phone screen displaying the action.

A scene from the film 12 Years A Slave, and its location in real life Felicity Plantation, New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Tiia Öhman/Caters News)

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Daniela Braga by Nicole Heiniger

Daniela Braga by Nicole Heiniger
Beauty Brazilian model Daniela Braga photographed by Nicole Heiniger and styled by Flavia Lafer for L’Officiel Brasil June 2015.

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Photo of the Day: Stationmaster of a Railway

Tama, a cat stationmaster of a railway station in western Japan, receives a birthday cake on her 16th birthday in Kinokawa, western Japan, in this Kyodo picture taken April 29, 2015.

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Photo Manipulations by Elena Vizerskaya

Elena Vizerskaya
Collage, photo-manipulation, photo-design are rather only the technical features of Elena Vizerskaya‘s approach that allow her to create uncommon and often surrealistic worlds perceived by a spectator intuitively, on the emotional level.

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