“The Sound Of Silence”: Peaceful Landscapes Photography By Claire Droppert

Claire Droppert’s intriguing photo series explores the tranquillity and absence of sound in the places that she visits. By photographing peaceful scenery with the lack of any human interaction, her images conjure up visions of a land where humans have never stepped foot.

“I have lived by the coast for the majority of my life. I’ve been inspired by the wide open expanse of coastlines, together with the more traditional features of the inland landscapes. Throughout I consistently focus and combine both simplicity and minimalism to achieve a dreamy artistic approach to my photography.

My photographic preference is for landscapes and desolate / open spaces. The locations allow myself to subtly maintain a unique and silent feel to my work. Within my Silence series I continually strive to incorporate a strong vision, modern editing techniques, soft tones and smooth lines in an inspiring and appealing way. I also try to engage with the world around me by incorporating my vision, thoughts and ideas into modern urban architecture.” — Claire Droppert.

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