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Hublot and Daniel Arsham’s ‘Light & Time’: A Majestic Sundial Installation in Zermatt


Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, has recently kicked off a brand new collaboration with New York artist Daniel Arsham by creating a larger-than-life installation in the snow-covered mountains of Zermatt. Aptly titled “Light & Time”, the installation takes the form of a massive, 20-meter diameter sundial that bears the unmistakable design elements of a classic Hublot watch.

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This stunning installation is a true marvel of sculptural land art, crafted entirely out of ice and snow, and set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Matterhorn peak, which looms majestically at an altitude of 8,475 feet. However, to truly appreciate the full glory of the “Light & Time” sundial, viewers must take to the skies and gaze down upon it from above, a feat that can be accomplished by taking a ride up the ski lifts that traverse the mountainside.


Hublot’s partnership with Daniel Arsham is a match made in artistic heaven. Arsham’s artistic vision seamlessly blends form and function, creating ephemeral and ever-changing examples of land art that delight and amaze in equal measure. The sundial’s quartz crystal obelisk, which stands at the center of the installation, casts shadows throughout the day that indicate the current time, underscoring the timeless relationship between the natural elements of snow and light and the centuries-old craft of watchmaking.


The “Light & Time” sundial’s sleek and minimalist design incorporates a variety of familiar elements from the world of Hublot watches, including the distinctive screws used to secure the “Big Bang’s” bezel. The overall effect is one of harmony and balance, a perfect reflection of the shared aesthetic vision of Hublot and Daniel Arsham.


Overall, the “Light & Time” installation is a stunning and unforgettable example of the power of art to delight and inspire. Whether viewed from above or experienced up close, it is a true testament to the incredible beauty and majesty of the natural world, and the endless possibilities of human creativity.


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