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Teenager Teenager: A Bizarre and Captivating Art Installation


Collaborative Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu have created a unique installation that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Teenager Teenager features human bodies dressed in fancy suits and evening gowns, lounging on leather sofas and chairs, but with giant boulders for heads. The strange situation evokes a sense of bewilderment in viewers, who are left to decipher a message concealed within the unusual arrangement.

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The project is comprised of two different parts: the set of sculptures and a performance piece that changes with every installation. Whether children are kicking a soccer ball around the sculptures or a mysterious cardboard box is sitting within the room, the only connection the performances have with the sculptures is that they exist within the same world.


According to Galerie Perrotin, “Their works are so many challenges to value systems, socially conditioned prejudices, and the ambiguous relations between East and West.” Teenager Teenager is no exception, as it forces viewers to confront their preconceived notions of beauty and perfection.


This hyper-realistic installation raises questions about the meaning of beauty and how we perceive it. Is beauty found in perfection, or can it exist within imperfection? The juxtaposition of the elegant clothing with the rough and rugged boulder heads creates a striking contrast that challenges traditional beauty standards.


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