Street Art Sculptor “Unzips” A Building In Milan For Mind-Bending Art Installation

Street artist and sculptor Alex Chinneck has brought his mind-bending illusions to Italy with an incredible installation in Milan. Running alongside Milan Design Week, Chinneck has literally unzipped the front of a building in the city in what he calls the most ambitious work he’s ever made. In addition to the incredible exterior, the building’s interior is also filled with several installations that carry through the zipper theme, making for a cohesive and immersive experience.

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In a testament to his dedication, Chinneck actually excavated and repoured the entire cement floor in order to achieve the circular zipper he was after. To round out the collection of work, a white light emanates from behind a zipper sliding down one of the building’s walls.

The work carries through to the interior, where additional sculptures continue to play with the concept of zippers.

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