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Alexander Calder’s Iconic Flying Colors Series for Braniff Airlines in the 1970s

In the early 1973, Braniff Airlines commissioned Alexander Calder to paint one of their aircrafts to celebrate twenty-five years of travel to South America. Continue reading »

A Photographer’s Aerial Photos Of Parked Planes Show Just How Far The Airline Industry Has Fallen During The Lockdown

Like most travelers, Dallas resident Andy Luten has been grounded since March. Normally averaging around 150,000 miles of flying each year for work and pleasure, Luten has been forced to watch from the ground as the airline industry slowly dwindles to a shell of its former self. Continue reading »

A Life in a Graveyard of Airplanes

A Thai man climbs down from his home in a disused airplane on September 12, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. 3 impoverished Thai families have begun living in disused airplanes on a private field. The families, who collect and recycle garbage earning a few dollars a day, can’t afford to rent and prefer to stay in the planes. (Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images)
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