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Bad of America: Alex Schaefer Is Setting Banks on Fire with His Paintings


If you ever walk by a Chase Bank in Los Angeles, California, you might see something unusual: a man painting the bank in flames. His name is Alex Schaefer, and he is not a fan of the financial system. Continue reading »

The Hyperreal Whale Beached The Banks Of The Seine River To Raise Environmental Awareness

ARTS in Paris

This beached whale — although very realistic — is a replica installed by the Belgian Captain Boomer Collective with the aim of raising awareness of how our society and the way we live is affecting the environment. the metaphor has generated a game between fiction and reality, reinforcing a feeling of disturbance. Continue reading »

This Man Spent 25 Years To Create The ”World Map” On The Banks Of Lake Klejtrup, Denmark

Photo credit: Frank Vincentz / Wikimedia

The World Map on the banks of the Lake Klejtrup in Denmark is a 4,000-square-meter walkable map of the world built out of soil, stones and grass. It’s the work of only one man — Søren Poulsen, who spent the last 25 years of his life building it. Continue reading »