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Bad of America: Alex Schaefer Is Setting Banks on Fire with His Paintings


If you ever walk by a Chase Bank in Los Angeles, California, you might see something unusual: a man painting the bank in flames. His name is Alex Schaefer, and he is not a fan of the financial system.

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Schaefer is an anti-establishment, anti-financial-system, plein-air painter who has gained fame (or infamy?) online for his fiery depictions of banks. He says he paints banks on fire because he believes that the money is bullshit.


“The money is bullshit” is Schaefer’s mantra.

He says that the current monetary system is distorted and corrupt, and that it affects everything from culture to politics. He says he wants to expose the truth and spark a conversation about the role of money in society.


Schaefer’s paintings have also sparked the attention of the police, who have questioned him several times about his intentions and motivations. They even sent two plainclothes detectives to his home to investigate him further. But Schaefer says he has nothing to hide. He says he is not a violent person, and that his paintings are not threats, but expressions of his views.


Schaefer’s views resonate with many people who feel disillusioned and frustrated with the status quo. His paintings have gone viral on the internet, and he has sold some of them for thousands of dollars. He says he plans to continue painting banks on fire until he runs out of banks or paint.


Schaefer is not afraid of controversy or criticism. He says he is just doing what he loves and what he believes in. He says he hopes that his paintings will inspire people to think critically and creatively about the world they live in.


“I just want to make people aware of what’s going on,” he says. “And maybe, just maybe, make them question their assumptions and beliefs.”


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