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The Hyperreal Whale Beached The Banks Of The Seine River To Raise Environmental Awareness

ARTS in Paris

This beached whale — although very realistic — is a replica installed by the Belgian Captain Boomer Collective with the aim of raising awareness of how our society and the way we live is affecting the environment. the metaphor has generated a game between fiction and reality, reinforcing a feeling of disturbance.

“The psychological archetype of the dead big fish leaves no one untouched. It stirs and mobilizes a local community,” comments Captain Boomer Collective. “During our beachings, we see an intensive interaction among the crowd. People address each other, speculate and wonder. They offer help and ask for information. The different layers of perception create funny games. Some audience members know it is a work of art but feed the illusion to other people. The sperm whale appeals to everyone. It is the place where everyone gets together. That’s why it is vital it beaches on a public spot that is freely accessible.”

More info: Captain Boomer Collective, ARTS in Paris (h/t: designboom)

ARTS in Paris

ARTS in Paris

ARTS in Paris

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Michel Euler/AP Photo

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