Sara Gironi Carnevale’s Challenging Illustrations Tackle The Wrongs Of Modern Society

“Made in Naples” but based in Turin, Sara Gironi Carnevale is an Italian graphic designer and editorial illustrator who is developing quite the reputation for challenging contemporary issues through her ironic and satirical artworks. Continue reading »

Albino Twins From Brazil Are Challenging The Fashion Industry With Their Unique Beauty

Vinicius Terranov

Lara and Mara Bawar are not your average supermodels, but their striking appearance is sending shockwaves through the fashion industry. The 11-year-old twins from São Paulo, Brazil, have albinism, a condition that causes a lack of skin and hair pigment, and they embrace it to the fullest. Continue reading »

“Cat Jenga” is a Brand New Challenging Game for Feline Fanatics

Of course there’s a cat Jenga game, of course there is! In the age of the Internet, cats are everywhere and you can’t really escape them, so Chinese company Comma came up with a game where participants balance wooden cats on top of each other in the hope of placing the last wooden cat on the cat tower and becoming the Cat Jenga champion! Continue reading »

Dakar Rally 2012: The World’s Most Challenging Off-Road Endurance Race

The world’s most challenging off-road endurance race, the Dakar Rally 2012 is being contested by more than 350 entrants, racing motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks across more than 5,500 miles of mountains and desert, from Argentina’s Atlantic coast, through Chile to the Pacific coast of Peru.

The race, covering 14 stages, began January 1 and will conclude January 15 in Lima.

Click images to zoom and enjoy the real men!

Marc Coma of Spain races his KTM in the 10th stage. (Jerome Prevost/Associated Press) Continue reading »