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“Cat Jenga” is a Brand New Challenging Game for Feline Fanatics

Of course there’s a cat Jenga game, of course there is! In the age of the Internet, cats are everywhere and you can’t really escape them, so Chinese company Comma came up with a game where participants balance wooden cats on top of each other in the hope of placing the last wooden cat on the cat tower and becoming the Cat Jenga champion!

This Comma Cat Jenga game was released in China a few years ago but it’s taken all that time to finally be released in the U.S. and you can bet we’ll be buying this game for Saturday night fun times!

The only problem is that each set only contains 6 cats, so you’ll have to spend a bit of money to get yourself a full Jenga-esque set of cats. But cats! It’s totally worth it, right?

Via My Modern Met, Lost At E Minor, If It’s Hip It’s Here

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