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The Original and Outrageous 1979 Cocaine Calendar

London’s IDEA Books have a rare 1979 cocaine calendar for sale.

The calendar was published in San Francisco (of course) by Red Dog Productions (no idea) in 1978 (duh) and is a relic from a time when cocaine use, while illegal, wasn’t considered all that bad. Seriously. Continue reading »

A Life-size Human Skull out of Cocaine

A Dutch artist has fashioned a human skull out of cocaine by moulding the street-sourced class A drug mixed with gelatin.

The piece, entitled Ecce Animal, is the work of mysterious artist Diddo who says he was commissioned to make the artwork, although is prohibited from disclosing further details. Diddo says he did not personally test the cocaine but employed a laboratory to analyse the drug bought from a street dealer. They found it was between 15 per cent to 20 per cent pure and had been cut with caffeine, paracetamol and sugar.

Diddo studied Media Design at the School of Arts Utrecht, NL and acquired a Masters Degree in European Media Design from the University of Portsmouth, UK in 2001. Continue reading »

Police Find Semi-Submersible Watercraft Intended for Cocaine Smuggling in Colombia

Police officers walk next to a seized homemade fiberglass semi-submersible during a presentation to the press in Puerto Escondido, Colombia, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011. According to police, the semi-submersible was seized from drug traffickers during an operation in Puerto Escondido Monday. (William Fernando Martinez / AP) Continue reading »