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Traces Of Love And Personal Connections In Geometric Abstraction By Haris Lithos

Deep, striking colors and a delicate technique compose Haris Lithos‘ graceful traces on canvas, paper and wood. Working with models and occasionally objects and clothes, the artist stands mainly as an observer, a medium of his artistic practice, watching and guiding his subjects as they leave their body prints on the surface. Continue reading »

Colorful Installations Of Spray Paint And Mesh Form Connections Between the Analog And Digital Worlds

Hanover and Berlin-based art duo Quintessenz recently completed a large-scale installation for the newly funded Paxos Contemporary Art Project, which is currently taking place on the island of Paxos in the Adriatic sea. Although designed to be appreciated and enjoyed in person, the images of their intervention created inside of a 400-year-old ruin are quickly becoming viral due to the work’s strong contrast against the historic setting. Continue reading »

A Photographic Project On The Beauty And Connections Between Animals And Humans


Coexist” is a not-for-profit photographic project titled focusing on the beauty and connections between animals and humans with the aim to create public awareness of the lives of animals in captivity in circuses and zoos around the world. The images will feature a model posing in multiple shots alongside varied animals currently under the care of Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Sydney – an animal welfare establishment that rescues, rehabilitates and offers shelter to exotic, farm and native animals in need. Continue reading »