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The Superb Minimalist Illustrations by Noma Bar


Artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Noma Bar was born in 1973. His work has featured in Time Out London, BBC, Random House, The Observer, The Economist, and Wallpaper*. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Delightful Illustrations Inspired by Architectural Images of The Present and Past

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Originally from the Netherlands, Adam Kosik studied landscape architecture and has been illustrating for a while. The values he aims to portray through his illustrations are those that he freely acknowledges were most inspired by architecture and the environment around man during his studies. Continue reading »

Beautiful Papercut-like Editorial Illustrations by Eiko Ojala


A well-known illustrator is Eiko Ojala. He sketches everything by hand and primarily uses digital tools. Continue reading »

The Power of Simplicity: Alberto Miranda’s Approach to Editorial Illustration


If you are looking for an artist who can create powerful images that communicate complex messages in a simple way, look no further than Alberto Miranda. He is a Spanish illustrator who specializes in editorial illustrations for magazines, newspapers and books. His work is not only visually stunning, but also intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging. Continue reading »

The Superb Minimalist Editorial Illustrations by Pierre Buttin


Pierre Buttin is an artist who knows how to make a statement with minimalism. He is a London-based illustrator whose work has appeared in some of the most prestigious publications in the world, such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Big Issue, The Atlantic, Politico, and many more. Continue reading »

Master of the Brush: Martin Jarrie’s Ascendancy in the World of Illustration and Fine Arts


Martin Jarrie, a mere twenty-year-old from Vendée, was swept away by the call of the canvas and chose to navigate his life toward the realm of painting. Continue reading »

Transcending Boundaries with Brush and Imagination: The Whimsical Yet Sophisticated Artistic Expression of Berat Pekmezci


Berat Pekmezci, an Istanbul-born, London-based illustrator, has captivated audiences worldwide with his exceptional talent. From personal ventures to prestigious commercial projects, Pekmezci has made a remarkable impact on the art scene. With noteworthy collaborations with industry giants like DC Comics, Nike, Samsung, Toyota, and Coca-Cola, his work has become a symbol of creativity and innovation. Continue reading »

Pop Culture Meets Strange Familiarity – The Surreal Art of Tim O’Brien


Tim O’Brien (previously featured), an artist, illustrator, and portrait painter, has garnered attention for his striking illustrations that blend pop culture with surrealism. He has contributed his work to publications such as TIME Magazine, The Nation, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among many others. Continue reading »

Journeying through Alternate Realities: The Captivating Illustrations of Award-Winning Artist Ashley Mackenzie


Meet Ashley Mackenzie, a talented artist from Canada who creates captivating illustrations that take you on a journey to otherworldly dimensions. Continue reading »

Meet Jeff Drew, the Award-Winning Illustrator Behind America’s Witty and Sarcastic Artwork


Jeff Drew, an Albuquerque-based illustrator, has gained national recognition for his exceptional and sharp-witted artwork. He has created cover illustrations for various publications across America, showcasing his stunning visual style. Continue reading »

Lifestyle, Surreal and Editorial Photography by Margeaux Walter


Margeaux Walter is an American artist based in New-York. Her work is made of experimentations around daily life on a social, or personal level. Each piece is a mix of different images, often playing with the border between reality and fantasy. Continue reading »

This Artist Illustrates The Problems Of Modern Society, And Here Are His Newest Works

The Money Machine

According to Daniel Garcia (previously featured here and here): “What are the things that bother you most about the world today?

Is it the wars and economic problems made by powerful people that make others suffer so much? Is it the constant bickering and lack of empathy on social media? Or just the everyday injustices that don’t get talked enough about? Continue reading »

Colombian Artist Creates Illustrations Inspired by Medieval Drawings and Scientific Atlases


According to Carolina Zambrano: “I am an illustrator, graphic designer and artist. The topics that I address, for the most part, are related to the symbolic world, magic, alchemy and nature. My creative processes are associated with the discovery of personal and collective symbols. Continue reading »

Amazing Editorial Illustrations by Simón Prades


Simón Prades is an illustrator based in Germany working primarily on analog mediums such as ink, pencil and watercolor. He then uses digital media as a tool to clean up and finalize his intricate creations. Continue reading »

Graphic Designer Creates Amazing Negative Space Illustrations


Israel-born graphic designer, illustrator Noma Bar creates amazing negative space illustrations. Noma Bar cleverly uses negative space to create some thought-provoking illustrations, often with double meaning. His cool designs are so simple, yet so clever you can’t fail to be impressed. Continue reading »

Simple yet Bold, Colourful Illustrations by Abbey Lossing


Abbey Lossing is an illustrator, who creates magic through her work, as she weaves characters across various situations. She is based in Brooklyn, New York. Minimal designs depicting everyday activities, with a twist of shapes and figures are ways she casts her charm. Her illustrations are bold, colourful, and eccentric – yet touches your heart the moment you lay eyes on them. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Illustrations that Provide Sharp Political Commentary on Topics that Are Relevant Today


Based in Matane, Quebec, Sébastien Thibault uses graphic shapes, simplified form, and intense color to create symbolic images full of content. His illustrations venture into political standoffs between world leaders, economic disparity, even toxic love – allowing viewers to react to his at times, witty, at other times, terse imagery. Continue reading »

Brilliant Illustrations by Alva Skog


Alva Skog is a Swedish illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have a bachelor in graphic design from Central Saint Martins. Clients include Apple, The Guardian and The New York Times. Continue reading »

“Paint and Positivity – Ways to Stay Home in Style”: The Superb Illustrations by Shahul Hameed

According to Shahul: “I hail from the beautiful town of Palakkad in Kerala. I started painting at a tender age and instantly realized that I have a passion for it. My family is into farming and agriculture, and the idea of pursuing a profession in the field of arts was not convincing enough for them. However, as time passed, they accepted my line of work. I have not received any formal training in drawing and painting apart from a certification in Madras Government Technical Examination (MGTE).” Continue reading »

Illustrator Creates Posters With Deep And Hidden Meanings

32% Of British Women Don’t Feel Safe Walking Alone At Night Survey Says

According to Laurie Allen: “I am an editorial illustrator that works in publishing and advertisement. The goal with my illustrations is to help the viewer think deeply about the text. Articles can be cold—merely reporting facts or sharing a story without the personal details. My illustrations allow you to understand the article on a personal level, making it easier to connect to and adding a deeper layer to the piece. Enjoy!” Continue reading »

“Desperate Dreams”: Awesome Retro-Styled Illustrations by Karolis Strautniekas

Karolis Strautniekas is a freelance illustrator best known for his eerie, nostalgic yet acutely contemporary illustrations. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, he achieved international recognition; still, his illustrations have something special, a je-ne-sais-quoi which makes the world wonder if there’s maybe more to it than what we encounter at first sight. Continue reading »

“Wistful Dreams, Porcelain Memories”: Dreamy and Surreal Illustrations by Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang is a Taiwanese/American full-time artist and illustrator. Her artworks are inspired by both real and fictional places. Maggie Chiang’s surreal illustrations evoke a longing for adventure and the pursuit of the unknown. She also sells her animations as NFT on Foundation! Continue reading »

“Make the World Go Away”: The Surreal and Inspirational Artworks of Ioana Harasim

Ioana Harasim aka Hara is a self-taught Romanian artist who enjoys exploring surreal themes. Her inspiration comes from people, fashion, beauty, nature, art and hidden feelings. For Hara, making art is a way of finding out who she is and how much she can grow. She’s interested in projects from fields such as fashion, music and editorial. Continue reading »

Inspired by Propaganda Posters, Xinmei Liu Challenges the Norm in Model Citizen Guidelines

Be good at everything. Crying is embarrassing. Art is for people who are bad in math. Rich people are not your friends. Rather harsh lessons, but lessons which nevertheless peppered the childhood of illustrator Xinmei Liu while growing up in Shanghai. Continue reading »

Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Social Issues Of 2020

Decrease In Wildlife Deaths
An editorial illustration about the massive decline in wildlife deaths on roads due to people staying home and traveling less during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Iggdeh, an artist based in US: “I just started making illustrations at the end of 2019, actually. When I published my first illustration a few months later, it kind of lit a spark inside me that said “maybe this can be more than just a hobby.” You see, I’m actually a writer by profession and “iggdeh” is my artist pseudonym. I’ve always been attracted to editorial & political art and I always wanted to get into it, but there was never enough time, or so I thought. Continue reading »