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The Artist Who Put Kellyanne Conway In An Andrew Wyeth Painting

Illustrator and portrait painter Tim O’Brien has a knack for pop culture, often infusing it into artistic visions that simultaneously reveal its strangeness and familiarity. This week, he was inspired by the now infamous image of Kellyanne Conway casually sitting on an Oval Office couch during a February 27 meeting of leaders of historically black colleges. What he decided to do was create one of the best contributions to a viral meme. Above: Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” (1948), from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection.

More info: Hyperallergic (h/t: twitter)

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The Brooklyn-based artist inserted Conway into Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” (1948), one of the most popular US paintings of the mid-20th century.

Tim O’Brien’s inserts Kellyanne Conway and the White House into Andrew Wyeth’s well-known “Christina’s World” (1948) (image courtesy the artist)

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