Rough Sketches Come to Life as Furniture by Daigo Fukawa

Usually it takes a long way for a sketch to be turned into an actual product. Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa just might change all that, however, with his series of furniture called “Rough Sketch Products” that look like they’ve just been transferred directly from his sketchbook to reality. The project was submitted as Fukuhawa’s senior thesis exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Made from cleverly arranged wire and photographed with a perfectly blank background, his various benches and chairs trick our perception of dimensions. Suddenly, 2D meets 3D, and the people sitting on these unique scribbled creations seem to be levitating in the air. It might not be the comfiest furniture out there, but it will definitely put a smile on your face.
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Mattia Bonetti Necklace Furniture

Swiss-born, Paris-based designer Mattia Bonetti once described himself as a ‘troublemaker turned traditionalist’. Working with his then partner Elisabeth Garouste, the pair carved out quite a name for themselves in the art/design market during the late 1970s to late 1990s with dazzling creations in a style sometimes condemned as ‘barbaric’.

Broken Pearl Necklace Desk (2010) Continue reading »

FurniBloom Furniture by Dagný Bjarnadóttir

Dagný Bjarnadóttir: “For me, good design usually grows out of a deep understanding of the subject and intuition – along with a feeling for the use of materials and aesthetics. Sometimes even psychology plays a part.”

Furnibloom: The main goal of the design is to combine stylish and simple furniture with multiple functionality. You can make it your own based on your taste and personal style. The furniture is well suited for growing flowers and herbs or for decorating purposes. Continue reading »

Furniture Design by Kenyon Yeh

Kenyon Yeh, a creative product and furniture designer based in London. Born in 1983, Studied Master of Arts in Design at Kingston University, London, under Colin Holden and Simon Hasan and graduated in 2009. He continues to produce his design project, including collaboration with manufacturers across Europe and Asia. Brings more diversity, potential and attitude to keep moving forward. Continue reading »

Furniture Designer Christian Vivanco

Christian Vivanco is an industrial designer specialized in concept-driven product design. He founded Christian Vivanco Design Studio and The Emotion Lab. For over 3 years he was senior designer at DesignCode and Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio, both established at Barcelona, Spain. Continue reading »

Marinemine – The Mine Furniture

The author of the mine-furniture design is Mati Karmin, one of the best-known sculptors of Estonia.

One of the most grandiose manifestations of the exploring line of Karmin’s work is the marine mine furniture project that began five years ago. Northern coast of Estonia and especially the islands, wich during the years of occupation were an almost inaccessible border zone for the common including heaps of corroded mine shells, wich are basically spheres with holes, spireks and shackles. Karmin got inspired by these mines and started to collect them. The ambiguity of large scale corroded mine shells intrigued the artist. The shape of the mine is perfest and uniform, while still clearly bearing the stamp of its intial destructive function. Being marked by its belonging to the past, it is closely connected to the complicated recent history that Karmin has always been facinated with. Continue reading »

Alberto Vieyra’s Cool Furniture

Omg. Polygon-inspired furniture by Alberto Vieyra.

Tetris Furniture

This furniture is based in the tetris game. Each piece is a part of the game and has a different function. By Diego Silverio.