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Let This Fruit Slice Furniture Juice Up Your Outdoor Living Area


Take a good long look at your porch and patio and tell me what you see. More than likely it looks like everyone else’s porch or patio? You got some wicker furniture out there or maybe an oak picnic table painted red? I don’t have to tell you that it is boring and drab and it needs to be changed. If you are like me, you want to do something no one else in the neighborhood is doing. So we are going to go on a fruit decorating binge!

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Fruit is an awesome way to decorate for the summer. It is bright, bold, and colorful. We don’t have to deal with real fruit though, because if we did we would be overwhelmed with fruit flies! So we are going to take things to the next level with this incredible fruit slice furniture! This colorful furniture is made with a high-quality material that will keep it looking good all season long.


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