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Artist Duo Creates Avant-Garde Works “Painted” Only By Crossing Sewing Thread


According to an artists: “There are two of us behind the name VistulArt – Dagmara and Dariusz, working together, avant-garde self-taught artists from Warsaw, Poland. As an artistic duo, we create unconventional works “painted” only with sewing thread. It is also no secret that offstage, in private life we’re a couple too. Art was actually one of the things that brought us to each other over 14 years ago and got us where we’re now. Continue reading »

DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar System Desk Accessory

Ever since we were children, most of us have marvelled at the stars and wondered what it would be like to be closer to them. DeskSpace gives us that small reminder of our place in the universe with a set of gemstones that are beautiful and stylish. This is a sophisticated gift for anyone with a curious mind, who was once that little child questioning the universe. Continue reading »

Beautiful Handcrafted Tool Chess Set By The House Of Staunton

Headquartered in the United States, the House of Staunton manufacturers the world’s finest Chess equipment, no wonder they are the official sponsor and the exclusive equipment provider of the United States Chess Championship. Continue reading »

Handcrafted Floor Rugs By SurfaceWerks


Wisconsin-based artist Carly Dellger began her Etsy shop SurfaceWerks in 2012, a store devoted to her crochet rugs in the shape of avocados, cacti, and sunny-side up eggs. Each of Dellger’s rugs is an original design and created without a pattern to ensure that each piece is completely unique. Continue reading »

Meticulous Miniature Handcrafted Meals


When the sense of detail is pushed to its limits, it gives birth to incredible miniature works such as these diverse meals handcooked by Kimberly Burke and created at a scale of 1:12. On the menu today: chicken, bread, fruits, cake, fried eggs or fajitas. Continue reading »

Drift Away: Beautiful Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Jewelry Made From Driftwood And Bioresin


The societal pressures of living in a fast-paced city can be daunting and stifling. We become engulfed by its constant demands and expectations that may often weigh us down. Continue reading »

Handcrafted Fantasy Books By Aniko Kolesnikova


Latvian designer and artist Aniko Kolesnikova, working under the name Mandarin Duck, creates fantastic hand made book covers using polymer clay. Continue reading »